UMSD Policy Directs Teachers to Conceal Gender Identity

On January 17th, 2023 the Upper Moreland School District proposed a policy for first reading which states, “All persons, including students, have a right to privacy. This includes keeping a student’s actual or perceived gender identity and expression private,” the policy reads. “Therefore, school personnel should not disclose information about a TGD [transgender and gender […]

CV Will Discuss Sports & Gender Policy

At meeting on November 21, 2022 the Conestoga Valley School board engaged in a rather lengthy, and at times humorous, discussion regarding policy 123. The discussion began by discussing whether to discuss the policy and quickly evolved into board members offering comments on their thoughts about potential changes. The discussion itself was initiated following a […]

Warwick School Defies Own Policy and the Law

Grooming Children by Gary McCoy, Shiloh, IL

At a Warwick School District Meeting on November 29th things heated up over the contents of books present inside the school library. Of particular interest were the books Gender Queer and All Boys Aren’t Blue. Both books are among those cited by Fenicia Redman in her lawsuit filed against Great Valley School District. While Fenicia’s […]