Pennsylvania State

UMSD Policy Directs Teachers to Conceal Gender Identity

Vaping Trend Presents Deadly Risks

Warwick School Defies Own Policy and the Law

Common Sense is Advocating for Girls Who Pretend to be Boys

Elizabethtown Endorses Obscenity and Questions Bible

School District of Lancaster prioritizes diversity

PA State Rep Calls School Board Protestors a Drain

Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano would eliminate the property tax.

The Central Bucks School District could become the latest district to change its book policy.

Mt. Lebanon school board member arrested in Florida earlier this month in connection with sex crimes against a teen has resigned.

Documents released by court order show Tredyffrin/Easttown teachers are learning about Critical Race Theory and how to “transform” the district.

The e-mails of Pennsylvania professors at state-supported universities could be subject to public records requests.

National News

Nevada Mother Sues Over Obscene Material

Virginia mother blasts gun control assignment.

National Groups Becoming More Involved in Local School Boards.

Big money is targeting school board races.

Teachers Union To Vote On Mandatory Masking, Enemies List, Rejecting Words ‘Mother’ And ‘Father’

USDA will act as an enforcement arm for Biden‘s executive order protecting pronouns and access to bathrooms based on gender identity.

CRT Mama Bear Hamilton County School

New Jersey Passes Bill Requiring Diversity and Inclusion Courses