Restoring Faith in Public Schools Could Raise Test Scores

As most parents are aware test scores are still lower than they were prior to 2020. Despite PA schools returning to in-person education in the fall of 2020 test scores have dropped year over year for the past 2-3 years. While masking, social distancing, online learning, and aggressive quarantine measures may be obvious contributing factors […]

Common Sense is Advocating for Girls Who Pretend to be Boys(or vice versa)

Lititz Chooses Love

On November 30th, 2022 at the Community Place on Washington a Middletown English Teacher presented at a Common Sense workshop. Special guests included Parker Webb, a woman who believes she is a man, and Rev. Mark Harris, a local UCC pastor, to speak on advocating for queer minors. Among the crowd of approximately 30 people […]

School District of Lancaster Prioritizes Diversity

Teacher Unions and Poor Test Scores by Dick Wright,

At a November 1st school board meeting Justin Reese, McCaskey principal, told board members, “We’re excited about what we’re seeing from our students and our faculty…more than 30% of McCaskey students of color will enroll and successfully complete advanced courses by June 30, 2025″ Reese said. Note that McCaskey is a school district where minority […]