Common Sense is Advocating for Girls Who Pretend to be Boys(or vice versa)

Lititz Chooses Love

On November 30th, 2022 at the Community Place on Washington a Middletown English Teacher presented at a Common Sense workshop. Special guests included Parker Webb, a woman who believes she is a man, and Rev. Mark Harris, a local UCC pastor, to speak on advocating for queer minors. Among the crowd of approximately 30 people […]

School District of Lancaster Prioritizes Diversity

Teacher Unions and Poor Test Scores by Dick Wright,

At a November 1st school board meeting Justin Reese, McCaskey principal, told board members, “We’re excited about what we’re seeing from our students and our faculty…more than 30% of McCaskey students of color will enroll and successfully complete advanced courses by June 30, 2025″ Reese said. Note that McCaskey is a school district where minority […]