Clearly the numerous studies highlighting the insignificance of masking to reduce the spread of a coronavirus have done little to dissuade bureaucrats from this harmful nonsense.

Meanwhile the evidence is overwhelming that anxiety and depression are on the rise while test scores drop. However there are schools that are again insisting on this foolishness. If parents do not put their foot down and stand against this tyrannical idiocy our children are certain to suffer more as a consequence. Sadly in several states and even in areas of Pennsylvania that is exactly what is now occurring.

How any of this is even permissible considering that “interfering with the breathing of a child” is classified as child abuse in Pennsylvania? It seems because there are many who do not think the mask interferes with the breath. To that we ask, if it does not interfere the breath, what protection does it provide?

Covid Babies by Gary McCoy, Shiloh, IL
Covid Babies by Gary McCoy, Shiloh, IL

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